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Springside West Secondary College - Stage 1

Brand Architects


Project Completed
January, 2018


135 City Vista Court,
Plumpton, Victoria 3335

Springside West Secondary College is a new school with a strong emphasis on 21st Century learning. Located in the growth corridor of the north western suburbs, it will become a key piece of infrastructure for the new community in Fraser Rise.


Stage 1 works feature a Science Technology Engineer Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) centre, as well as a new Learning Community. The STEAM building seeks for all learning activities to interact, encourage, and inform one another through the co-location of activities and strong visual links. The Learning Community is a series of open learning areas which caters for various types of group learning. Each building features multiple presentation spaces to enable students to present and take ownership of their work.


A large court to the north of the Learning Neighbourhood creates a passive recreation space for students. This space will enable a variety of outdoor learning opportunities while acting as the heart of the campus during the first year of operation.


Australian EcoTech Solutions
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