Policies & Procedures

Australian Eco-Tech Solutions (AES) Policies & Procedures

AES have policies and procedures in place to unsure they deliver their products to the highest quality standards, within the specified time frame and with minimal impact on the environment.

AES Quality Policy

Australian EcoTech Solutions Pty Ltd is a Company that specialises in the delivery of LED Lighting and Acoustic Solutions for commercial buildings.

AES is committed to completing all projects in accordance with the contract documents provided.

As a contractor responsible for the delivery of key components of broader projects, AES is committed to working with the Primary Contractor to deliver the highest quality result for all projects. In keeping with this commitment, AES will work in unison with the Primary Contractor to ensure that all Contractor Quality policies are adhered to.

AES believes that it is essential for all personnel to conform to the objectives of quality, time and cost management.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

AES is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees, labour hire staff, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and all other persons whose health or safety could be at risk through our work.

We will do this by ensuring:

  • Compliance with relevant legislation, including the OHS act 2004 and supporting regulations.
  • Compliance with any/all OHS policies and procedures implemented by the Head Contractor

In keeping with the above, AES will ensure that:

  • Regular workplace safety inspections are conducted on all areas of the projects to which we are to deliver and any identified hazards are reported to the Head Contractor.
  • AES employees, contractors and sub-contractors are trained on all health and safety matters relevant to their work and that they are fully aware of the hazards associated with their work and hazard control measures.
  • All employees, contractors and sub-contractors are inducted into the requirements for the Site Safety Plan.
  • Effective employee/contractor consultation on health and safety matters shall include two way communication of relevant information, toolbox meetings, reporting and feedback mechanisms.
  • Adequate resources are provided to enable full compliance with the Head Contractors OHS policy and the Site Safety Plan.

AES Environment and Waste Management Plan

AES endeavors to minimise all environmental impact where possible and achieve continuing improvement to pollution. Our environmental management plan is designed to ensure compliance with all Commonwealth, State and Local Council requirements pertaining to specific job types. AES are committed to having its Environment and Waste Management policies deliver a positive social, environmental and economic outcome for the wider community.

In support of our environmental monitoring and audit plans, AES contract personnel will work closely with OH&S/Environmental Representatives on site to observe and record general observations and activities associated with the environment.

By adopting an environmentally aware approach, AES aims to:

  • Reduce waste from materials used in delivering key aspects of construction which AES facilitate.
  • Minimise and avoid any environmental damage.
  • Prevent community exposure to any health hazard and risks.
  • Protect and preserve existing environments.
  • Minimise our carbon footprint.

AES ensures that of its onsite employees and subcontractors are aware of the prime contractors emergency preparedness plan and procedures on site. The emergency evacuation process, the emergency fire fighting system and the emergency plans for spillage containment as outlined during site inductions.