About Us

About Us – Australian Eco-Tech Solutions was formed in early 2014 and is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience in the electrical, electronics, construction and manufacturing sectors combined into a single entity with a clear focus on design, delivery and ongoing support of LED Lighting and Acoustic Control solutions that deliver significant and sustainable savings to clients across all Commercial, Domestic and Government sectors.

Through combining the experience and expertise of key corporations and individuals, Australian Eco-Tech Solutions have designed a unique series of solutions that can be applied to varied environments to maximize efficiencies and significantly reduce ongoing operational costs.

In isolation, each of the product lines designed / manufactured / represented by Australian Eco-Tech Solutions will provide improved efficiencies, however, it is the tailored aggregation of products into bespoke solutions that truly maximize efficiencies and savings.

AES Mission

To provide Energy Management, LED Lighting and Acoustic Control Solutions that enable all market sectors and end users to implement efficient and sustainable solutions that significantly reduce operational costs and deliver lasting environmental and societal benefits.

Understanding of Project Objectives

The ultimate objective for all AES projects is to complete all necessary project requirements to the highest quality and within all timelines and budgets to the satisfaction of all interested parties.

Specifically AES endeavors to:

  • Maximise efficiency, capacity and safety during the course of delivering products /services to a project
  • Provide a first class service
  • Manage strategic access to site to the satisfaction of the Primary Contractor
  • Enhance the capability and sustainability of the construction industry in Victoria
  • Build collaborative relationships with industry and project personnel
  • Work collaboratively with all contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and hire companies to minimise risks on site
  • Minimise adverse impacts on the environment, public, and surrounding infrastructure

By achieving these objectives, AES aim to deliver outstanding outcomes in the broader areas of construction quality, safety, cost, sustainability and client satisfaction. As such, these criteria have been developed into a number of Key Result Areas (KRA) that will assist in determining AES overall performance in delivering key components of any project. The Key Result Areas (KRA) include:

  • Reputation (social / environment / build)
  • Quality
  • Site Performance
  • Safety
  • Services
  • Industry Capability
  • Timeliness
  • Cost